• NYLON - 100% 70D Nylon, standard lamination, provides soft, smooth, good stretch.

  • POLYESTER - Good for UV fastness on car seat and other outdoor covers,

  • PRINTED - Pattern printed fabrics such as camouflage, Hawaii flowers, ....etc.

  • LYCRA - 15% Spandex/85% Nylon, high stretch, shiny and smooth surface.

  • U.B.L. - Unbroken loop fabrics, provide high stretch and hook compatible durability.

  • U-LOOP - Low pile loop fabric, hook compatible.

  • J.U.B.L. - High pile fabric, stretch, durable unbroken loop. but price is more economical than U.B.L.

  • TERRY - 100% Nylon, shiny low pile loop.

  • POLYURETHANE - PU leather fabric durable surface.

  • PRESSURE SENSITIVE - Laminated glue on the skin cell, for purpose of attacking to another fabric or surface.

  • TPU - Thermoplastic Polyurethane laminated on the skin cell, soft, durable, stretchable, water-resistant, hot melt bondable, stain-resistant, anti-bacterial, and anti-abrasion.

  • ANTI-MICROBIAL - Laminated with Nylon or Polyester fabrics that are processed with a special formulated anti-microbial treatment. The fabrics are anti-mildew/mildew-resistant and are anti-baterial.

  • SUPER STRETCH - Laminated with 4 way super stretch Nylon or UBL fabrics, super soft and comfortable, with a high amount of stretch.

  • SEAM SEAL TAPE - A Hot melt TPU film laminated with Nylon jersey that is water resistant, bondable, washable, and smooth. It is used for apparel, wet suits, protective wear, sports wear, ski and snow boarding apparel, ...etc. Width: 3/4". Colors: Black, Navy. 25 yards per roll.

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