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TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane)

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TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) is a GREEN product. No air pollution even burned. TPU is Biodegradable after 3-5 years in soil. It is best used to replace PVC (Vinyl) for environmental protection. TPU is certified with FDA & NSF standard.

TPU has the superior physical properties of abrasion resistant, great flexibility, excellent strength and low temperature resistance. TPU has already been used widely in all kinds of industries. We provide not only TPU films and sheets, we also enable to process the extrusion of TPU and lamination with any fabric on request.

TPU is priced according to custom construction and quantities, and the samples and quotation are available on request.

Characteristics of TPU

Neoprene Can Holder
Resistance to friction resistance and tearing
Soft, elastic and good flexural strength
Resistance to cracks, good tensile property, and elongation coefficient
Cold resistance (< -50ºC) 
Low shrinkage and transfiguration rate after long time compression
Resistance to oil, lubricant and aliphat hydrocarbon solvent
Resistance to oxidization, mephitis and aging
Plastic Buckles Due to its many advantages, TPU has extensive applications. Other than film, it may be used in the materials for shoes, leather bags, garments, medical supplies, national defense products, sports products and industrial products. It is especially practical in textiles and garment processing fittings.

TPU Products

* Protection gear, Ball rubber bladder, Synthetic shoe material, spring mattress, Fabric lamination...
* High quality wind coat, snow coat, jacket, surfing gear, Diving gear, life jacket
* Water Bag, Ice bag, Liquid medicine bag, Blood bag, Medical product...
* Table cloth, Tent, Car interior decoration, Fabric lamination...
* Handbag, Sofa, Curtain, Water bed, Sign, Container...

TPU Packaging Pattern / Volumn of TPU packing materials

A. Paper carton
CUFT: 1.8'~2.6'
Outer box: (8.25" x 8.25" x 45"~65")
B. Multi-layer (multi-roll)
CUFT: 6.8'~14.6'
Outer box: (9" x 30" x 44"~64") 
Thickness Width Length
0.03~1.2 mm 1000mm(40") 550M~20M
0.03~1.0mm 1200mm(48") 450M~20M
0.03~0.8mm 1370mm(54") 400M~20M
0.03~0.5mm 1525mm(60") 350M~20M
( unit :  1 yard =  36 inch   1 inch = 2.54 cm  1cm = 10 mm )

Important Notice to Purchaser

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