TPU Hot Melt Adhesive Film – A polyester based Thermoplastic Polyurethane hot melt adhesive film that can be used to cleanly bond materials without using any environmentally-harmful chemicals.  TPU adhesive film is weldable using either ultrasonic radio frequency, a hot-iron, a heat gun or a hot roller.  An excellent option when bonding PU, PVC, ABS, leather, and traditional fabrics.

Widths Available: 40”

Colors Available: Clear, Natural

Seam Seal Tape – A stitch-free alternative to forming and joining seams.  Seam Seal tape is hot-meltable, washable, smooth, and water resistant and is used in apparel, wet suits, protective wear, sportswear, and winter apparel.  Sold in 50-yard rolls.

Widths Available: 3/4”

Colors Available: Black, Navy