Specialty Zippers

Perfectex can also supply any of the following specialty zippers as a special orderable item (subject to lead times and minimum quantities). Please contact us for ordering details.

Water Repellent Zippers

Zippers feature either a polyurethane or PVC coating to help prevent water from entering. To be used with garments and equipment that require water-resistance.

Available in Size #5, #10

Glow in the Dark Teeth/Thread

Zippers feature either glow-in-the-dark molded teeth or glow-in-the-dark accent thread to allow for quick and easy identification/location under low-light conditions. Prior charging via light absorption from natural or artificial light in required to achieve the glow effect.

Available in Size #5

Fire Retardant

Fire retardant zippers are the premier choice for safety garments and uniforms intended to protect the user from high heat. The zippers can be made with nylon or metal teeth, Nomex thread, or aramid fibers.

Available in Size #3, #5, #8, #10

Reflective Zippers

Nylon zippers featuring 3M reflective tapes on either side of the zipper teeth help provide visibility and additional safety under low-light conditions.

Available in Size #3, #5

Disclaimer: Please note that each customer is responsible for testing these zippers under their own conditions to determine suitability for their application prior to ordering for actual use. We strongly encourage utilizing a sample for testing.