Braided elastic

Braided elastic is usually light weight, has parallel ribs along the length of the elastic, and will narrow when stretched. Braided elastic has a longer life expectancy than other elastics such as knitted elastic and can be a great for products that require frequent use. It can be encased in fabric or sewn directly onto fabric and exposed to skin. Braided elastic will lose stretch when pierced with a needle, so although it may be sewn, it may not be the best choice to do so. Hence, braided elastic is often used inside casings, such as in waist bands, necklines or sleeve hems.

We stock braided elastic in the following widths and spool lengths:

Widths Available: 1/8″ (288 yards), 1/4″ (144 yards), 3/8″ (144 yards), 1/2” (144 yards), 1” (35 yard rolls)

Colors Available: Black, White