Neoprene, SBR & Blended Closed Cell Rubber Foam Sheets

Perfectex stocks large quantities of Neoprene fabrics and closed-cell synthetic rubber sheets in numerous finishes and in 40 colors and patterns.  Throughout North America, Perfectex has sold millions of Neoprene sheets (100% Chloroprene Rubber), Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (“SBR”) and blended Neoprene/SBR at manufacturer prices.

Our Neoprene foam sheeting and SBR synthetic closed-cell rubber sheets are used in products that are designed to be soft, stretchable, flexible, durable, insulating, and water-resistant.

Variations in density and thickness allow our clients to meet numerous design requirements and achieve different degrees of support, cushion and insulation.  The large array of available Neoprene laminated fabrics and colors permit further fine tuning of the aesthetic, comfort and function of the finished products.

Applications for our Neoprene foam rubber and synthetic rubber sheets include: wet suits, seat covers and cushions, sports and utility pads, medical support and orthopedic devices, costumes, bags, and protective cases