Specialty Fabrics

Perfect-Tex– A fabric consisting of 45% polyester, 25% spandex, and 30% monofilament. Due to its a unique combination of textiles, Perfect-Tex features 4-way stretch, light cushioning, and is breathable and soft, thus keeping the user dry, comfortable and cool.  It is best described as a closed-face smooth spacer mesh.  Applications include insoles, sporting and medical braces and supports, and anything that requires light cushioning.

Widths Available: 48”

Colors Available: Black

Lycra Fabric –160 Grams/Yard. Sold in 60-yard rolls.

Widths and Colors Available: Black in 60” and White in 54”

Mesh Fabric – 100% polyester.  Sold in 100-yard rolls.

Widths Available: 60”

Colors Available: Black

Seam Seal Tape – A stitch-free alternative to forming and joining seams.  Seam Seal tape is hot-meltable, washable, smooth, and water resistant and is used in apparel, wet suits, protective wear, sportswear, and winter apparel.  Sold in 50-yard rolls.

Colors Available: Black, Navy

Widths Available: 3/4”