Narrow Roll Goods and Trim

Perfectex carries a myriad of small finishing notions, narrow goods, trim, plastic buckles and hardware, including:

Polyester Hanging Tape – Sewn onto garments to allow safe hanging of dresses, coats, shirts, gowns, and all top & bottoms. Prevents damage to clothing seams and fabric from excess weight of hung clothing.

Widths Available: 1/4”

Nylon Grosgrain/Binding Tape – Firm and stiff Grosgrain/Binding tape made of 100% nylon, often used for finishing raw fabric edges

Widths Available: 3/4”, 1”

Packing: 100 yards per spool.

Colors Available: Black

Draw Cord – Polyester sheathed round shaped draw cord featuring a 12-strand cotton core. Excellent for drawstring closures and works well with cord locks.

Widths Available: 1/8” (16 cord)

Packing: 144 yards per roll.

Widths Available: 1/8” (16 cord)

Shock Cord/Elastic Draw Cord/Bungee Cord

Widths Available: 3/32” (8 cord) , 1/8” (15 cord), 3/16” (17 cord)

Packing: 144 yards per spool.

Colors Available: Black

Seam Seal Tape – A stitch-free alternative to forming and joining seams. Seam Seal tape is hot-meltable, washable, smooth, and water resistant and is used in apparel, wet suits, protective wear, sportswear, and winter apparel. Sold in 50-yard rolls.

Widths Available: 3/4”

Colors Available: Black, Navy