Rubber Types

Neoprene Foam Rubber vs Styrene-Butadiene Foam Rubber Sheeting

Perfectex supplies both top quality Neoprene (“Chloroprene Rubber” or “CR”) and Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (“SBR”).  Although Neoprene and SBR may look and feel similar, Neoprene is true wetsuit Neoprene rubber and has more elasticity and recovery, has greater resistance to compression and ozone break down, and features greater tear strength.  Both materials excel in extreme temperatures due to good heat resistance and heat-aging qualities. However, it is not recommended to use SBR in applications that involve ozone, strong acids, oils, greases, fats and most hydrocarbons.

In general, Neoprene closed cell rubber foam outlasts SBR in many regards, thus Neoprene foam sheets will cost more than the SBR equivalent.  Neoprene is seen in wetsuits and diving equipment, waders, gloves and booties, clothing, and outdoor equipment, and products that will see repeated use and necessitate long-term durability.  SBR is more common in simple padding, industrial applications, medical devices/braces, seat covers, koozies, elbow/knee pads and sporting equipment.

Perfectex also offers sheets that blend the two materials (50% Neoprene/50% SBR blend or 30% Neoprene/70% SBR) resulting in a more price competitive synthetic rubber sheet that still reaps some of the major benefits of CR.