Flexible Film

Perfectex can stock a special size or grade of material for your requirement. Ask our sales department for details.

Frosty Matt – 8 Gauge to 20 Gauge

Special Sizes – 12 Gauge to 20 Gauge

Description Codes Special Features
Description CodesSpecial Features
DPC: Double Polished ClearUV: UV Stabilized
SDPC: Super Double Polished ClearPRT: Printable
SDPT: Super Double Polished TintedLD: Lightly Dusted
2S, 3S: Level of SoftnessAS: Anti-Static
2H: Level of Firmness

* Add 12 lbs. to the net roll weight for the gross shipping weight

  • Most items are in stock and available for immediate delivery
  • Consult sales department for samples
  • Slitting, Sheeting, Interleaving and other converting services are available
  • All rolls are boxed and include a 3″ diameter core